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About us

We will start our work with the help of two employees and with our own savings with a policy of maximum investment with minimum expenditures.

We hope and believe that we will find volunteers and trustees of the foundation, who will make any contribution to our common cause.

We want very much that with our combined efforts the future of the children, from low-income families, will have a better quality of life.


Anaida Schneider - the founder of the charity fund




To take the patronage of at least one orphanage home in each country of the former Soviet Union:

Caucasus: Armenia, Georgia, South Ossetia, Abkhazia and Azerbaijan.

Central Asia: Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan.


Eastern Europe: Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova and Transnistria.

The Baltics: Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.


Every child deserves a good quality education, regardless of their country of residence and the environment the child lives in.
The educational programs supported by the Foundation include the following items:

  • Philological: learning foreign languages such as English, German, French, national languages.
  • Mathematical: math, algebra, geometry, computer science.
  • Natural Sciences: geography, astronomy, natural history, biology, physics, chemistry.
  • Humanitarian: literature, social studies, history, basics of religious cultures and secular ethics.
  • Employment Training: labor, technology – the basics of manual occupations such as carpenter, painter, masonry, cook, seamstress and more.
  • Physical Education and Sports: chess, sambo.
  • Arts: music, dance, painting.

Entering the adulthood, after living in an orphanage, due to the high quality education provided, our children will be given a change to self-actualize and not get lost in the grown-up life. We will support them!


As she became a mother in 2013, Anaida Schneider realized how happy her son is to be desired and welcomed in their complete family. After all, he has a love of his parents, who are able to give to him the possibility to get the full quality education from birth.

That motherhood pushed Anaida to the idea of establishing a charity foundation.After graduating from high school with honors, Anaida was very well aware of the need for a good quality education, as well as all the consequences of its absence in the lives of every single person. After all, a good high school education has given her the opportunity to enroll in a higher educational institution on a budgetary basis. Unfortunately the troubled times of the early 90’s and the difficult financial situation of her family led to the fact that she had to start working when she was 17 years old. .



To organize mobile classes of teachers for supplementary education. To support all children (including children with physical disabilities) living in orphanages to get an education, with further support in getting jobs and further education.


She worked and studied at a university of the region of Moscow and always tried to find ways for self-education. The earnings from her work were just enough to sustain her life while studying. And she did not have the means for more advanced trainings, such as foreign languages courses.

Despite all the difficulties, Anaida always kept self-educating and was able to self-actualize and achieve her professional goals, becoming a banker in Switzerland and right now she occupies a leading position in a private bank in Switzerland.

The foundation “Education for Future” will begin in the homeland of Anaida, Armenia.